Work Much of my work from the last ten years contemplates the problem of representing curved surfaces and desire in two dimensions. Maps are usually the records of the desire to see, to learn, to acquire, to conquer. The earliest work are inkjet prints that look like topographical maps. The watercolors are careful studies. The photo-composite images bring to mind satellite maps and Google Earth, or brilliant portraits of planets and other celestial bodies rendered from raw images from space probes and the Hubble telescope.

Photo-composite Maps inkjet print (2013)


Natural Topography Watercolor and gouache on paper (2010)

fuji apple 2 fuji apple 1 cantalop rob pomagranate map cantalopinter img4 img5studycanta12 studycantalop img3 studyapples mapbanana studyyellow studypluot

Maps: Surface of the Female Body inkjet prints on Hannemuler inkjet paper (2004)


Etching (1998 - 2002)

primadm primadm2 bone apple fleur de lys projection my bones ecorchee ring and balls table 24