Art Classes I teach art classes in school and privately to students ages 11 - 18. California single-subject teaching credential. I teach private/group classes to adults and young-adults (or the occasional late-"tween"). You and I will figure out the curriculum: observational drawing • figure drawing/anatomy • painting • printmaking • comics • digital photography • web design

Below are examples of student work from classes I taught. Please contact me for full resume and references.


High School Comics

comics lesson demo
comiccomi4com com comkevcomic roxcomic comic j maccomic



draw2draw1bfdstill life dstill lifeessa


Linoleum Bloc Print



Sculpture in paper machee, cardboard

head timheadshead arcardboard jrachcardboard gundam




headheadceramicvasereliefceramic vase



Middle School 'Notan' Composition




Still Life - Cubist Collage